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Just went through an awesome research data about the growing anti-Islamic wave in Europe. I called it a research data ’cause it does not provide any specific point of view, but rather bluntly states some facts, and some possible reasons behind the fact.

Incidentally, it might be one of the countless number of articles that comes out of politically correct, and hypocritical western intellectuals trying to hide the growing concern among the majority of the marginalized europeans, still bearing the brunt of two world wars. One of my articles on the same topic came out a few months back in my earlier blog, BombsAndDollars. A brief excerpt, for those who don’t want to go through the whole boring (and a bit controversial) article:

” ” Europe has faced the onslaught of Islam since the Crusades. In recent days, the Fatwa on Salman Rushdie, or the uproar on the Danish cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, shook the sensible, non-religious, non-hardliner and free-spirited souls of the average Europeans, who were increasingly with the belief that these “immigrants” to their land can’t intermix with their culture.

In the UK, with Muslims constantly protesting British society, chanting that “Anglian soldiers go to hell”–(but surprisingly not protesting against terrorists who blow up mosques in Afghanistan)–the UK has even created Sharia Law courts for civil cases among Muslims, with the ability to support forced marriage and marital rape, for example.

Now we are seeing a great uproar from the sickening politically correct crowd, deploring the ban. (I am an India, a born Hindu, a practicing non-believer, and trust me I am disgusted with political correctness of the people of our country.) ” ”

For the information, here’s a map from the Ministry of Minority affairs, Govt. of India, specifying the area of “minority” concentration. (Look at the region surrounding our neighbouring Bangladesh!)

And here are a few strong, factual, and without doubt controversial blogs from India, which I would like to share. Again, it is a random order, and I am not trying to judge them. Rather I leave the ranking to my readers.

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And a brilliant blog from Israel…

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Controversy sells…folks!!!