Well…naturally, when everyone in the world talks about terrorism, people tend to forget that there’s more dangerous, cynical, and cruelly ironic force that is again on the rise, 20 years since the fall of the Soviets. Earlier article have been reported on DailyWorldWatch, and elsewhere, on the Maoists, and how they are again becoming “the most” potentially dangerous movement.

But the Maoists might have signed their own death warrant, after the Dantewada massacre, and the sheer success of killing 76 Central Reserve Police Force men, in one single ambush, can be suicidal for them. ‘Cause no sane government, without or without the intellectuals like Arundhuti Roy backing them, can support this kind of an attack on their sovereignty.

Here are the latest blogposts, and some of the best articles from India…

1. Maoists, are International, and not just a force of poor non-violent tribals, like the intellectuals and rights campaigners claim.

2. An interesting take, on how a “democratic left” (!) thinks Maoists are bad!

3. So it’s China after all!

4. This blog questions the militarization and hawkish stance on mainstream media. Well…frankly, I never expected any different!

5. Probably the most interesting of perspectives!

6. The invisible war becomes visible…

7. Don’ know if this one can technically fall under the category of blogs, ’cause it got published in WSJ. The very fact that I am linking a WSJ article is enough for the leftist intellectuals to ask for my blood…

8. Maoism is Terrorism. Well…not that I am arguing that anyways!

And finally…at last, the pro-right students unions are taking the battle to the enemy camp…