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1. Hillary Clinton’s pet toyboy, and British Foreign secretary, David Miliband, made it a habit to talk about India-Pakistan-Kashmir-Nuclear relations and other awkward subjects, whenever he visits an Islamic center in SouthWest Londonistan. At the same time, the father of a “radical” (read terrorist) Islamic cleric, says it’s a bad idea to hunt his son. Err…whatever!

2. Basically, nothing is going right for India and Obama, and Bush was way better for our country. No lover’s tiff, this!

3. Pakistan is having it’s largest military excercise ever. At a point of time, when half of their country is starving, and they have a civil war going on.

4. The riots in Kygyzstan, is nothing but Russia and America locking horns, with Russia apparently winning it.

5. Three quick snippets.
a. Somali Islamists ban BBC. Reasons you can obviously guess.

b. Hillary responds to Raul. Says she will continue blackmailing.

c. Brit Conservatives are giving tax breaks to married couples. Next comes banning condoms.