1. Hamid Karzai, a man who wears a a stupid green/blue/black burqa…without the veil, and who is also in his offtimes, the President of Afghanistan, is now trying his best to show his independence, by constantly bugging western powers. Apparently irritating the west is the only way to show independence in Afghanistan. Spiegel’s exclusive investigative piece. (Warning: A bit long)

2. BBC raises a “base” question.

3. Sri Lankan ruling party, of President Rajapaksha, and his brothers and cousins, declare victory in the ongoing elections. (Well obviously…half of their country, including, the minority Tamils, the journalists of the major newspapers who were critical of the government, and the leader of opposition, Sarath Fonseka is in jail!)

4. Almost forgotten communist piece of land, Cuba, and it’s sprightly young 300 years old leader Castro, will never give in to blackmail! Ever!

5. Suicide bomb number N in Russia, by the Chechen rebels in the last week. Yawn.