When I came back, and switched on the CNN-IBN debate, I was amazed to see a rare solidarity, and consensus among the three major national parties, namely the BJP, Congress, and the CPI(M), regarding the Maoist issue, and how to tackle them. One posh, chic, leftist minded, scotch drinking, intellectual cum Maoist sympathizer, who I can’t name in this blog, or I’ll be charged with defamation, however dropped me a message on my mobile, pointing out that the consensus is primarily because the ruling class don’t want to give the real power to “our own” poor, naive, tribal people! Anyways, I started surfing the blogosphere, and these are the best blogs that I found out, exceptionally good, and very relevant, and quite similar. Well…not all ofcourse, some just had to compulsively prove that they are different! Check them out. (The posts are random, and not in any order of good or better, all are interesting reads)

1. The second great article in the last couple of days, this one was curt, and crisp, and hitting. Pragmatic Euphony.

2. Anubha Bhonsle’s take on the issue. One of my personal fav.

3. “Palaniappan Truman Chidambaram”, Though I would like him to be more of a certain John Foster Dulles, than Harry Truman! A blog post by Paul Beckett.

4. Tehelka, however, just had to be different!

5. “The Regime sees Red”. A rockhard, straightforward take on the issue.

6. “Living in the Shadows of insecurity”

And finally,

7. No other option but to include this post, just ’cause of the photo, which reflects the mood of India. Is Arundhuti Roy listening? Or she’s still busy drinking, and writing one of her long, boring, 36 page thesis on the “poor, gullible, gandhian Tribals”?