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1. Li’l Kim is da man!!! A whole new fashion trend started after the comical dress of Kim the dictator. Or so the state run North Korean media claims. Heidi Klum wanted to marry him too…okay, that bit I added! Thanks to my buddy Mitchell Blatt for digging out this gem of a story!

2. Spiegel Online reports the pitiful state of the Afghan police. They can’t shoot straight, are highly corrupt, and can’t read or right. Not the Germans, fool…the Afghans…

3. U.S. and Omani warships, rescue Indian sailors from the Somali pirates. What were the Indian Navy doing? Nothing…ofcourse! All hail the great pacifist Indian Government!

4. A couple of heavy riots, in two different parts of the World, for different reasons, and by differently motivated people. Similar is the way, how politicians fled in both the cases within hours!
Krgyzstan and Thailand.Seems like a scene from a seventies Italian Cannibal movie!

5. How can a WorldWatch be complete without touching the greatest ornaments of Journalism from Soviet Pravda? They are still shouting the same slogans, they used to shout…say 20 years back? If you check the article carefully, though, you will find a comical small photo, where it is hilariously spelled “STOP OTAN”! Didn’t quite understand, what they wanted to mean, but must be a strong political statement for sure!