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48 hours passed after India’s worst peacetime casualty of armed forces where almost an entire company of the Central Reserve Police Force was wiped, by the Maoists, with 76 of our troops dead.

I was checking out the Indian Blogosphere, which was almost boiling, other than…obviously, some chosen few, who consider themselves above any mortals…and always try to be different by supporting the criminals, rapists, terrorists and Maoists…in the name of Human rights…ironically Human rights is never for the victims…but then again, some questions are better left unanswered, I guess!

To start with, Naxalwatch, a comprehensive history of the Maoists menace, in India.

An intelligent read, countering the (highly democratic!) “chosen one’s” (Arundhuti Roy) claim.

Kanchan Gupta’s take on the issue. One of my favourite.

This one’s a bit old, but highly relevent nevertheless.

…And probably the most ironic of them.

Interestingly, this coming from Pragoti…!

A cartoonist’s point of view…

And a couple of op-eds, from ANI

…and Indian Express