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It’s not easy to start the first blog post with such a morbid news of Maoists killing 76 men of our CRPF troops, but nonetheless, you can’t ignore the harshest and unexpectedly horrible incident from this part of the world in the last few days, when you are reporting.

Home Minister, and a supremely intelligent humanoid, Mr. P. Chidambaram, who wonderfully realized yesterday, that “something went horribly wrong”, (wow! really?) today vowed to crush the rebels.

“If this is a war – and I would like to say this is a term we have never used – it is a war which has been thrust upon the state.” – his great realization, though I have some questions regarding the grammatical construction of the sentence, but that’s okay, it’s the intention that matters…

This piece from the Times of India, a newspaper famously dubbed as the agent of corporates has to say (rightly, no pun intended!) about the options in front of the Government.

I came across this blogpost from a fellow blogger, which summed up the thing quite decently, and regarding questions whether the Air Force should be used.

Ironically, the day India suffered it’s single largest peacetime casualty of any armed force, that very day, some south Delhi trendies, following some misguided Delhi University professors and intellectuals, were protesting against use of force against the Maoists. But then nothing new in that, isn’t it?

Arundhuti Roy must be delirious with happiness!